Pflegedienst Viktoria - Русскоязычная медицинская служба по уходу на дому в Нюрнбергe.

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Pflegedienst Viktoria

Deutschland Bayern Nürnberg
  • Aussere Sulzbacher Str., 155
  • 0911-534967; 0911-4398576; 0911-5971515; 0179-7038031
  • 0911-5971516

Pflegedienst Viktoria принимает посетителей в стандартные рабочие часы и работает со всеми медицинскими кассами. 

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Datum: 08.03.2006
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 Mina Kaufman | 11.09.2020, 14:54 #
A scion of a political dynasty, Ingray will do anything to gain her mother’s favor, best her unscrupulous brother and secure the inheritance that only of them can receive. In a desperate move, she invests everything she has in a shady plan to secure and revive a convict from stasis, in the hope that they have access to venerated cultural documents called vestiges. If successful, her discovery could take down her family’s greatest rival. But the moment her prisoner awakens, they claim a different identity. Left with no clear allies, depleted resources and saddled with crippling self-doubt, Ingray’s bold strategy to become her mother’s heir unravels as her actions inadvertently pluck apart the threads barely binding a fragile peace between civilizations.

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